(all pictures reduced to 800x600 from 1600x1200 originals)

Washington DC, Sept. 10-15
(all pictures reduced to 800x600 from 1600x1200 originals)

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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Looking down 16th Street past Lafayette Park.  US Marshal talks with DC Police
[Click to enlarge image]<br>AFL-CIO (far left) and St. Joffins Church (in yellow)
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Group gathers at intersection to look at something interesting
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Pictures of New York tragedy are already in print - technology is amazing
[Click to enlarge image]<br>No place to hide, little buddy!
[Click to enlarge image]<br>So true.  Lots of work to be done.  Flag still flying at full mast.
White House North Side
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Wider view
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What's all the hubbub, bub?
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Special Edition
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Secret Squirrel
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Road Work Ahead
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>She was nervous about our walking so close to the White House
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Another angle of the White House (viewed from East Side)
[Click to enlarge image]<br>View down 14th Avenue from North
[Click to enlarge image]<br>In a feeble attempt to hide our money, the government put up black drapes.
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Sirens blared as small groups of cars passed by all day
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Equipment was constantly being escorted to the Pentagon
Worried Gayle
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White House
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JW Marriott
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US Treasury Dept.
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Police going somewhere
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Lucent and Cingular to the rescue!
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
Communications vehicles
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>I was amazed at how well my camera did with no flash in very little light
[Click to enlarge image]<br>AISPA/CISPA Dinner (Barry Sherwood, Bill Kenyon, Jim Pickrell, Sam Visger, Tony Cappelli, Sue Ashdown, Mariana Horta, Gayle Sherwood)
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Sue Ashdown and Mariana Horta
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Sam Visger and Tony Cappelli
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DC Metro (Subway)
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Sue and Mariana
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Sam and Tony
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Bill Kenyon, Jim Pickrell, Sam Visger
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Gayle Sherwood
[Click to enlarge image]<br>View out of room 229 looking at lineup of Military Humvees preparing to go somewhere (left a few minutes later)
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Police guarding East entrance to White House
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Humvees were lined up for action alongside local police and secret service
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Checking out the new standard issue government cars
Bill, Jim, and Sam
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Room 229
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Police near East Entrance
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Humvees and Cops
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Govt Employee / Humvee
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Line of Humvees moves out
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Off they go on some unknown mission
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Police were all around the White House Area
[Click to enlarge image]<br>
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Yet another helicopter patrolling the area
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Our hotel room at the JW Marriott from the street below
Move 'em out!
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Away they go!
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Cops watch street
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Chopper overhead
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Chopper over Washington Monument
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Looking up!
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Gayle with Capitol in background
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Looking North at Pershing Square.  You can see our hotel room (open curtains) on far right
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Same as previous picture, but panned to left
[Click to enlarge image]<br>These young men were waving the flag and getting passersby to honk their horns
[Click to enlarge image]<br>View of White House from Constitution Drive
[Click to enlarge image]<br>View across
Gayle with Capitol in background
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Pershing Square (our room on right)
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Pershing Square (White House on left)
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Young Patriots
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White House surrounded
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White House Off Limits
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Just in case another hijacker happens by and can read the sign
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Gayle - not as happy as she looks!
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Several of these Presidential Helicopters were buzzing around the Capitol
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Closeup view of copter at rest
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Several people hopped in from the omnipresent black SUVs
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Is Gayle actually saluting?!
Washington Monument - Keep Out!
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Gayle - looking happy
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Presidential Helicopter
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Presidential Helicopter Up Close
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Getting ready to take off
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Bye Bye Birdie!
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>This is not a new barricade.  The concrete ring has grass growing up around it, indicating that it has been here a while
[Click to enlarge image]<br>All over the city there were little memorials (like the two bouquets near the caution tape) left by anonymous citizens
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Another view of one of the many busy presidential helicopters
[Click to enlarge image]<br>There were lots of signs of pride throughout the city
[Click to enlarge image]<br>I thought this monument was particularly poignant in light of all the war vs. peace discussions.  Sometimes, peace is not the answer.
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Southbound George Mason Bridge.  Pentagon visible over water
Barricade at Washington Monument
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Flowers at Washington Monument
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Copter from bottom up
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Visitor from Red Bluff
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Holocaust Museum
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Crossing the Potomac
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Getting to the Pentagon by foot proved to be an interesting experience
[Click to enlarge image]<br>View of east corner of Pentagon from Boundary Road
[Click to enlarge image]<br>View from Boundary Road - Gayle on right
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Dog Sniffing, telescopic mirrors, and stern looks
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Flowers, boats, and monuments sitting peacefully, belying the tragedy behind me
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Viewed from south side of Pentagon on bridge that crosses Hwy 110
Welcome to Virginia!
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Pentagon - East Corner
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Pentagon - Northeast side
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Pentagon Guard Station
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Columbia Island Marina
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Pentagon City
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>If we could only get around that last corner, we could see the damaged side
[Click to enlarge image]<br>This flag flies on a Pentagon City building and faces the Pentagon.  This picture also surprised me because there was VERY little light and the camera automatically compensated for it very well.
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Moderate amount of traffic
[Click to enlarge image]<br>The show of force was everywhere (bad shot)
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Travelers longing to get home, everyone asking each other where they were and where they are headed
[Click to enlarge image]<br>A very welcome sight.  Note that 1824 leaves 15 minutes earlier but was booked solid, so we had to pick up extra passengers in Little Rock and then layover in Vegas before making it to Sacramento
Pentagon - Southwest side
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Flag on Building at Dusk
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Arriving at BWI
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Maryland Troopers at BWI
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Let the Wait Begin
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Woo Hoo! 367 is on time!
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[Click to enlarge image]<br>Inside BWI terminal.  This is the line waiting to get on Southwest flights home.  Note that we arrived 3 hours early.  There aren't any ticketing agents at the counter (yet).  They arrived about an hour after we arrived.
[Click to enlarge image]<br>So THAT'S where all the water goes!
[Click to enlarge image]<br>Even this
[Click to enlarge image]<br>This, my friends...
[Click to enlarge image]<br>...is why we wanted to come home.
Baltimore-Washington Intl Terminal
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Colorado River at 27x zoom from 35k feet
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Lake Mead and Hoover Dam
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This, my friends...
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... is why we wanted to come home.
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